We have top most quality shirts which are highly durable. The following are the features of our shirts:



We use the latest, on-fade technology. They therefore do not fade or lose colour

Full-body print


We use entire-body print designs on all our shirts.

Polyester material


The material used to make these shirts is polyester that is spun to 100% pure quality. The appearance is fully retained.

No cracking


The cotton material is organic, which means that it does crack.

Does not peel


Whilst other material peels back, this material retains its authenticity by not peeling.

No flaking


The shirt’s material is strong enough to resist flaking.

Retains shape


The original shape remains after stretching or washing.



It does not need ironing since no wrinkles appear.

Tender to hands


Soft and gentle to your hands



It is strong enough to endure summer festival and world domination through fashion and elegance.



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