Hoodie/ Sweatshirt

The jumper or hoodie is extra-ordinary in the following ways:



It has some fancy style that is trendy.



It feels comfortable to put it on.



It will keep you warm when you wear it.




The technology used to make it prevents it from fading. It is most recent technology known as anti-fade.

Retains colour


The colour of your jumper is spared even with repeat wash. This is because it does not lose the original colour even after several washing.

It is Unisex


The jumper can be worn by either sex since it is unisex.



The polycotton Blend used to make is 100% pure.


This basically means that it will not lose shape even when stretched. It retracts back to normal shape.

No need to iron


Does ironing your jumper every time you have to wear it make you sick? This one will not need any ironing.


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